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  • Kleefeld, A., Gypser, S., Herppich, W.B., Bader, G., Veste, M.: Identification of spatial pattern of photosynthesis hotspots in biological soil crusts by combining chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and multispectral NDVI images. Under revision for Pedobiologia.
  • Xiao, B., Hu, K., Veste, M., Kidron, G.: Natural recovery rates of moss biocrusts after servere trampling disturbance in a semiarid climate of the Loess Plateau of China. Under review
  • Seserman, D., Pohle, I., Freese, D., Veste, M.: Simulating potential climate change impacts on the growth performance of poplar and black locust trees in an alley-cropping system in southern Brandenburg (Lower Lusatia, NE Germany). Under review 

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