At the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and University of Hohenheim he teach as adjacent lecturer plant ecophysiology, functional ecology and applied ecology for students in Envrionmental Ressource Managment, Land-Use and Water Management, Agrobiology, Biology, and Earth and Climate System Science.

  • Agrarökologie - Plant physiology (2020- present)
  • General and applied ecology (2019 - present)
  • Biological processes in plant-soil systems (2019 - present)
  • Vorlesung „Einführung in die Botanik und Nachwachsende Rohstoffe" (2015-2016)
  • Lecture "Agroforestry and agriculture", (2012-2013)

           Plant carbon relations, plant water relations, plant nutrition,
           agro-biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

  • Lecture "Agroforestry and Crop Production", ERM, BTU Cottbus (2010/2011)

           Plant carbon relations and carbon allocation,
           Plant water relations and transpiration,
           Plant nutrion and growth, 

  • Lecture "Soils and Landmanagement in the Tropics“ (2010/2011)

           Soil types in drylands
           Land degradation and combating desertification

  •  Teaching Experience
    • University of Hohenheim
      Lecturer (Lehrbeauftragter) für Plant Ecophysiology (2015-present)
    • University of Hamburg
      Lecturer for botany (Lehrbeauftragter für Botanik) (2003-2005)
    • University of Bielefeld
      Plant Ecophysiology and botanical excursions
    • University of Münster
      Student assistance for botanical and ecophysiological courses, Institute of Applied Botany (1988-1990)
      Student assistance for zoological identification courses, Institute of Zoology, (1987-1988)
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